The STRONGBACK Wheelchair - Why We Love It

Strongback Mobility Wheelchair

The STRONGBACK Wheelchair - Why We Love It

There are so many types of transport wheelchairs for people who have restricted mobility, but our STRONGBACK Excursion 12 Wheelchair is different! The team at Gong Life Care Solutions love that it is lightweight! We love that it is easily foldable! But in addition, its uniqueness is that it has patented ergonomic posture support built into the frame, and it is the first of its kind in Australia - another reason why we love the STRONGBACK transport wheelchair!

Gong Life Care Solutions is an Australian owned and operated business located in Wollongong, south of Sydney. Our team is very excited to bring these exceptional wheelchairs to Australia. 

Back care

We consider that the most important feature of this award-winning Swiss designed wheelchair is that it encourages healthier sitting for the wheelchair user, with natural spinal positioning so that constant readjustment is not required to remain comfortable, and chronic discomfort and pain can be minimized. The integrated lumbar support can be adjusted to suit individual need with regard to placement and firmness.

The STRONGBACK has also been designed with carers and attendants in mind. The push handles are ergonomically designed, and are spaced wide apart to maximise control when pushing. The wheelchair folds up in a matter of seconds and requires minimal storage space. The backrest folds completely flat against the frame as do the footrests, which easily fold and lock to the side, no need to remove them. The lightweight construction, at just 11.3 kg, means it can be lifted and transported without back or muscle strain.

Independent users

Independent wheelchair users can also enjoy the benefits of an ultralight folding chair, with our new STRONGBACK 24 manual wheelchair, which has 61 cm/24” quick-release wheels. This model won the German Design Award in its category, in 2018.

The STRONGBACK 24 self-propel wheelchair weighs just 7.9 kg with wheels and leg rests removed – for example for putting into a vehicle - however it has a user weight capacity of 135 kg. This means it suits a wide variety of users and can be easily lifted and placed in a car boot.

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