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Thank you!

Gong Life Care Solutions (GLCS) is closing its doors; so to all our customers, fellow suppliers, allied health professionals and our manufacturers - we would like to extend to you a huge thank you for all your business, your collegiate support, your referrals, your insights, and your positive feedback over the last few years!

And, of course, a very special thank you to our team, the GLCS website development team, and our content writer.   

GLCS was registered on the 6th of July 2017. It is a family business located in beautiful seaside Wollongong, just south of Sydney.  We have been proud to be Australian owned and operated.  The philosophy of the business has been grounded in a commitment to improving quality of life in communities through excellent service and participation in social, community and charitable initiatives.  This has always been actioned by way of personalised service and the provision of high quality, safe equipment for elderly people and people who have disabilities. The team members continue to volunteer in the local community and support local and international charity organisations.

 All of the products supplied by Gong Life Care Solutions could be considered “niche” - being unique or distinctive in some way – in terms of quality, innovation, or design. The products were chosen because they meet some very specific requirements of customers in the market. For example, the Strongback Mobility Wheelchair provides lumbar support incorporated into the primary/basic chair design. And the Aquabuddy-Home shower system provides the opportunity for a person to be showered in bed (to avoid transferring someone who is frail or in pain to the bathroom). And so on.

We took more than 6 months to research around 950 international businesses, many in Europe, to find the exact type of innovative and high-quality products that we wanted to offer in the Australian market.

The GLCS team is pleased that since the business was registered in 2017, we have attended two major independent living expos and have reached customers all across Australia and have received very positive feedback from customers and allied health professionals alike.

Since early 2020, Australia has experienced several natural disasters. Large parts of Australia have been experiencing ongoing droughts, unprecedented bushfires, damaging hailstorms, floods, and the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. These events have had an impact on all aspects of the Australian economy to varying degrees.

GCLS has not been immune to the problems associated with such uncertainty and risk, such as changes which are being referred to as “demand shock” and “supply shock” - certain groupings of customers pulling back from spending in particular purchasing categories, and many manufacturing and supply chain delays and uncertainties.

We have made the difficult decision to close our business. Our final trading day will be 30th June 2021.

We’ve had many years of success and the journey has been incredible – an opportunity to learn more about our valued Aussie customers and our competition both online and offline. We have gathered much new knowledge, good connections, happy memories, and hope for further endeavours. We would be glad to share the learnings from our experiences over Zoom, or in-person over coffee. Contact business owner Tony Jose via LinkedIn -, or via the email address below.

We wish you and your families and friends much health, safety, and enjoyment of life.

Farewell, from all of us at Gong Life Care Solutions.

Customers can use the following email address to make contact:

(For business-related enquiries, we also welcome your contact via the above email address) 

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