Strongback Wheelchairs

Strongback Wheelchair

Award Winning Strongback Wheelchairs now in Australia!
Lightweight, folding, affordable

We at Gong Life Care Solutions are so excited to have received our first full shipment of the Strongback Wheelchairs! The Strongback was a winner of the German Design Award in 2018 for “Excellent Product Design” in the Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care category. See the inventor Ladd Lougee’s video on our website: Strongback Mobility Wheelchair

These comfortable manual wheelchairs are light-weight & foldable. They are the first in Australia incorporating frame-integrated, effective posture support. The built-in ergonomic shape promotes a healthy, upright, sitting posture. It truly adds to the comfort and sitting security of the person using the chair. Strongback Wheelchairs are strong and fold up easily to fit into the boot of your car. Excellent quality. Excellent value.

Gong Life Care Solutions is stocking two different models, the Strongback24 which is an ultra-light self-propelled wheelchair (Model 1007), and the Strongback Excursion attendant-propelled wheelchair (Model 1003).

We invite you to look at the models on our website: Strongback Mobility Wheelchair

Why is correct posture important?

Whether you are someone who walks unaided, walks with a stick or other aid, or uses a wheelchair, correct posture can make a huge difference to your health and how you feel. Maintaining a better posture reduces strain on the neck and shoulders, with a flow-on positive effect on your spine, and indeed the whole body, including your breathing and even digestion. Your weight will be better distributed across your “sit bones”. There will be less pressure on the coccyx, and a reduced potential for pressure sores. Improved posture will reduce the discomfort that many wheelchair users feel on a regular basis and reduce back pain.

For independent wheelchair users, improving your posture within your abilities will boost your mobility and reduce the amount of energy needed to propel the wheelchair. This will also reduce injuries to muscles and tendons.

To assist in maintaining optimum alignment of the spine, the Strongback Wheelchair is designed with a curved back built into the actual frame. In addition, the integrated backrest lumbar support has adjustable velcro flaps which allow the user to easily alter the location and firmness of their lumbar support.

Additional features

  • Strongback Wheelchairs are amongst the lightest wheelchairs of their kind (9 to 13 kg, depending on the model – and net weight relatively less i.e. with footrests removed and/or wheels removed for folding and lifting
  • the combination of the natural lumbar curve of the seat back and the seat angle itself, enables alignment of the pelvis for proper posture
  • there are ergonomic comfort grip handles for attendants 
  • the compact, foldable design ensures the wheelchair easily fits into the boot of the car. The 24-inch/61-cm wheels on the self-propelled model are easily removed, as are the footrests for easy folding and easy lifting. 

All of our wheelchairs are designed with both the user and the caregiver in mind.

For further information on the amazing Strongback Wheelchairs, visit or give us a call on 1300 907 280 (Tues to Fri 8.00am – 5.00pm AEDT).

We offer free delivery anywhere in Australia.

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