Not all crutches are equal!

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Not all crutches are equal!

Crutches are helpful for people who need to use their arms for weight bearing and walking, and not just for balance.

If you would like to buy a pair of crutches (or one crutch, in some cases) we invite you to look at our video to check out the ease with which people adapt to the KMINA crutches.

Our video shows people of various ages with various conditions that have required them to use crutches.  The ease of use, comfort and adjustability of the KMINA crutches are very obvious in the video. What’s not so obvious, is that these modern and innovative crutches reduce pain for users.  The KMINA crutches reduce pain in hands, wrists and shoulders, thanks to their revolutionary design, and speaking of design, the KMINA crutches have a host of comfort and safety features, which include: a shock absorbing system, adjustable handle position, adjustable height, flexible and wide crutch tips, and changeable and washable handle grips. In addition, the tilted forearm support properly distributes the weight of the body.

Less tiring, more comfortable and safe

Traditional under-arm crutches can cause the user to expend a large amount of energy, probably due to the greater amount of upper body work involved in using these types of crutches. Consequently they can be very tiring to use – for even a short amount of time.  However the overall design of the KMINA crutches lowers the fulcrum or pivot point of the crutches and reduces the amount of energy required to take steps.  They are a comfortable alternative to conventional crutches, enabling users to walk further and walk more safely. KMINA developed this new crutch concept in order to improve the mobility and quality of life of users.

See the KMINA crutches at the Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia EXPO in Sydney on 8th and 9th May 2019, at the Sydney Showground, Exhibition Halls 5 and 6, 1 Showground Road Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127.

The Gong Life Care Solutions team will be there at Stand number 342.  We’ll be happy to meet you! You’ll be able to see the KMINA crutches for yourself, and ask any questions you may have.


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