No need for L-plates with the KMINA Rollator!

KMINA Indoor Mobility Rollator

No need for L-plates with the KMINA Rollator!

One of the most important walking aids used by older people in the home or out and about, is the rollator, or wheely-walker.  They come in many shapes and sizes.  Gong Life Care Solutions is the sole supplier of a very light-weight but strong, folding rollator walker, the KMINA Rollator.

Our KMINA Rollator is especially designed for indoor use, and contributes to a user’s sense of independence and safety walking around at home. People with conventional outdoor rollators often abandon their use of the rollator indoors, as they can be heavy and wide and difficult to manoeuvre in the home.  However our KMINA Rollator, at just 54cm in width, is narrow enough to easily get through doorways and around furniture. It has a single handlebar, which is easy to manage and really assists stability, balance and manoeuvrability. There are 5 click-in height adjustment settings, which are easily managed.

Users love this rollator because it weighs only 5.5kgs and it folds and unfolds easily for putting into the boot of the car, or storing in the house when not in use. It has a cable braking system and the brakes can be applied by either hand, or both hands, which is great for users who only have the use of one arm, or are weaker on one side.  Another feature that people find really convenient is the flat stable tray top which comes in very handy when preparing food or a drink, and taking it to another room. And of course, the basket helps the user to carry items around the home.  You can see a video of our rollator in action here:

KMINA helps overcome the fear of falling

It is well known that older people can limit their physical activity and mobility due to psychological influences such as fear of falling, and anxiety. This unfortunately affects the quality of life of older people.  Fear of falling can affect both self-image and self-confidence. It often occurs after experiencing one or more falls. Poor balance, pain, and the fear of falling lead many older people to the conclusion that a walking stick (cane) no longer helps them enough, and that a walking device which provides more stability and a greater sense of safety, is needed.

The Reality of Falls

The facts, in reality, support the fears that people have about falling. Falls are common, particularly in people over the age of 65 - one in three people over 65 has a fall every year. And surprisingly, falls cause more injury-related deaths in Australian than transport crash fatalities.

A 2019 Western Australian Falls Report  called Injury Matters is a recent document that captures the incidence of falls-related fatalities, hospitalizations, emergency department attendances and ambulance transportations due to falls in WA.

The findings are quite startling and concerning. They indicate that a Western Australian:

- dies from a fall every 26 hours

- is hospitalized due to a falls-related incident every 20 minutes

- and attends an emergency department every 12 minutes as the result of a fall

Falls-related hospitalizations in WA in 2017 were greatest for those aged 65 years and older (n=15,898) with 4,416.4 presentations per 100,000 population.

Over half of injuries experienced by Western Australians aged 65+ are the result of a fall. It’s probably safe to assume that things are not terribly different in any other state of Australia.

The World Health Organisation states  that effective falls prevention programmes can reduce the number of people who fall, the rate of falls and the severity of injury should a fall occur, and they list a number of components to identify and modify risk – which includes the use of  appropriate “assistive devices”.

The KMINA Indoor Rollator – elegance and ergonomics

Our quality walker is an assistive walking device, certified by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and European Conformity (CE).  It is designed for people who have moderate to low dependence, who are able to walk with some assistance, but desire more independence around the home. The KMINA Rollator will improve a user’s confidence in moving around safely in the home and promote their independence and sense of well-being. 

Please check the Gong Life Care Solutions website, call our friendly staff if you would like to enquire about the KMINA Indoor Rollator or other mobility solutions to help you or someone you care for, to live independently.


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