LASAL Embracer – Positioning Pillow | Positioning Cushion

Positioning Cushion|Positioning Pillow

LASAL Embracer – Positioning Pillow | Positioning Cushion

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Slumping and slouching

We all do it. Sitting in front of the telly. Falling asleep on the train. We possibly wake up with a sore neck wishing we hadn’t done it! Only little children and owls have necks that can take it!  Once we are older, flexibility – or lack of it – can cause us discomfort and injury.  This is even more so for elderly people.

The Gong Life Care Solutions team have long experience in aged care. We have often seen elderly people slumped in their chairs, or falling to one side, slipping down the chair and so on. This can happen whether the person is being cared for at home or in a nursing home. The reality of chairs is that they are often “standard” – but human bodies are not standard, or all the same - so the fit of a chair is rarely good for every person. And added to this, as people age, their muscular and skeletal ability to maintain “correct posture” can decline markedly.

Whilst comfort must be considered a major aim with regard to seating, in reality, health issues are also an important consideration. Many body systems are affected by posture, including the function of internal organs, breathing, and the condition of the skin.  Poor seating and therefore poor posture can also negatively affect a person’s appetite and indeed their ability to breathe.  Our team always recommends a professional consultation with an Occupational Therapist or other health professional if you have any concerns about any aspect of the health of someone you are caring for.

It is important to encourage as much mobility as possible if the person you are caring for is able to move or change positions, independently or with assistance. Sitting up, either in bed, in a wheelchair or in a chair, can assist people to feel more a part of the home environment.

Comfort and good positioning are sometimes difficult to attain. The right aids are important, and can assist carers to optimize comfort and safety at home. In aged care facilities, the new Aged Care Standards  come into force on 1st July 2019. The companion guide for providers  outlines a requirement that the organisation reflects on how the furniture design and layout helps consumers who are frail and less flexible and less mobile, to remain comfortable and independent.

Sitting comfort and support

Our LASAL Embracer Pillow is a specialist positioning pillow classified as a medical device. It is made in Denmark, and is certified by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and European Conformity (CE).

The LASAL Embracer provides support and stabilization for a person using a wheelchair, a chair, or sitting or reclining in bed. It is equipped with a belt, which makes it possible to fasten the Embracer to the back of a chair or wheelchair in order to prevent the cushion from sliding down every time the person moves.

Ordinary bed pillows or sitting pillows can leave the head unsupported and flopping too far back, or cause the head to be pushed forward, leading to a sore neck and back pain. Due to its specially engineered design, the Embracer’s support encourages better posture and makes it possible for the user to relax both arms from the neck and shoulders to the fingertips, without the arms falling to the side. It is ideal for users who have a tendency to slip down, or to lean to their weaker side, for example, after a stroke.


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