LASAL Embracer - Positioning Cushion

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LASAL Embracer - Positioning Cushion

Embrace Life!

Are you restricted to sitting most of the time due to mobility problems? Or perhaps someone that you’re caring for is in this situation?

Quality of life can be affected by discomfort, pain, lack of control over the body’s position, fear of falling…..   if you or someone you are caring for, are restricted to bed rest or sitting in a chair, our LASAL Embracer positioning pillow will give you more comfort and confidence. As the name of this pillow suggests - it is a positioning cushion/pillow, that looks and acts like a giant embrace! It will help to improve your posture, reduce pain and improve relaxation and comfort.

Sitting up, either in bed, in a wheelchair or in a chair, can assist people to feel much more a part of the home environment, and sitting upright definitely assists with lung function and reduces pressure on the spine – provided the person is well-positioned.  However, comfort and good positioning are sometimes difficult to attain. The right aids are important, and can assist carers to optimize comfort and safety when caring for someone at home.

Sitting comfort and support

Our LASAL Embracer support pillow is a specialist positioning pillow classified as a medical device. It is made in Denmark, and is certified by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and European Conformity (CE). It has a strong inner case, and the outer covering of the pillow is 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton. It is completely washable.

Ordinary bed pillows or sitting pillows can be difficult to place, and they can slip around and leave the user unsupported, literally “listing to starboard”, flopping forwards or backwards, or sliding downwards – all of which can lead to a sore neck and back pain, and sometimes skin breakdowns from the shearing forces caused by sliding.

The LASAL positioning cushion is placed with the narrowest piece behind the neck and shoulders and the cushion "arms" surrounding the user around the shoulders and arms. It adjusts to the body shape. In the sitting or reclining position, the Embracer makes it possible for the user to relax in both arms from the neck to the fingertips without the arms falling to the side. The pleasant feeling you get in this embrace allows the user to relax and feel safe.

It is ideal for users who have a tendency to slip down, or to lean to their weaker side, for example, after a stroke.

The LASAL Embracer provides support and stabilization for a person using a wheelchair, a chair, or sitting or reclining in bed. It is equipped with a belt, which makes it possible to fasten the Embracer to the back of a chair or wheelchair in order to prevent the cushion from sliding down every time the person moves.

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