KMINA Crutches

KMINA Crutches

Crutches aren’t what they used to be!

A crutch is a mobility aid that transfers weight from the legs to the upper body. People have used them for thousands of years to assist mobility in cases of injury or permanent disability, without much change to the design of the basic under arm type of crutch.

Gong Life Care Solutions now brings you the KMINA Crutches - the next generation of crutches! For detailed information and videos, visit our web page:

KMINA Crutches are a comfortable and pain-free alternative to conventional crutches, enabling users to walk further and walk more safely. KMINA developed this new crutch concept in order to improve the mobility and quality of life of users. The KMINA Crutch reduces pain in hands, wrists and shoulders thanks to its revolutionary design.

KMINA Crutches have a host of design features, including tilted forearm support that properly distributes the weight of the body. The design includes a shock absorbing system, adjustable handle position, adjustable height, flexible and wide tips, and changeable and washable handle grips.

History of crutches

Crutches have been used by people for a very long time, with evidence in drawings from Ancient Egypt, as discussed in an article from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine:

There is also ample evidence from the Middle Ages. Many illustrations and paintings created in the Middle Ages exist to this day, showing people using one or two crutches for support. The early designs were quite crude, and it wasn’t until 1917 that a crutch design was patented. A little time later the first commercially produced crutches were developed. These were similar to the axilla or armpit crutches that we still see used today - but technically so different from the innovative KMINA Crutches you can see on the Gong Life Care Solutions website. 

The references above come from a very interesting article called “Crutch art painting in the middle age as orthopaedic heritage” from the International Orthopaedics Journal.

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