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LASAL Embracer | Gong Life Care SolutionsIn the comfort zone or not

It was only last February that we wrote about our lovely product the LASAL Embracer medical chair cushion, in the context of the role of physical comfort for older people with reduced mobility.  The Embracer is a medical pillow made in Denmark, which, as the name suggests - is a positioning cushion/pillow that looks and acts like a giant embrace! 

If lower back pain and spine conditions or other ailments cause discomfort when sitting, then the Embracer will  help to stabilize the user’s position, and stop them falling to the side. The wings, or arms which do the embracing, support the whole length of the user’s arms and improve relaxation and comfort from the neck to the fingertips.

A matter of weeks after that February post, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and the terms “comfort and comfort zone” began to have different meanings. These days, life can be anything but comfortable with the scare of the coronavirus, working from home in a crowded or lonely household, losing work, home-schooling, and more. And of course, there are so many front-liners working across industries such as health and emergency services, police, retail, logistics and supply – so many people are out of their comfort zones working at the front lines of needed services.  Gong Life Care Solutions would like to take our hats off to all of you who are home carers or working in essential services. Thank you for all that you are doing.

In-home care of frail, elderly or sick people

Comfort is also something that is of concern in health care and the care of older people.  It is sometimes difficult to assist people, especially older people, who have restricted mobility, to be comfortable. 

Sitting up with the most optimal posture that a person’s abilities allow, is important for quite a few reasons. Sitting up especially in a chair, as opposed to lying in bed, is essential for maximising lung function and other body functions such as the digestive system.  It also contributes to how a person feels psychologically and socially, maximising their “presence” in the home or community.

You might have noticed that hospitals routinely get patients out of bed even after heart surgery, hip and knee replacements and so on, quite quickly, sometimes even on the actual day, post-surgery.  At least sitting in a chair, but if possible, taking a few steps, then walking further and further. This helps reduce the risk of clots and lung problems, helps with muscle and bone strength, and generally helps the patient begin to feel “normal” again!  Sitting up at home, whether in bed (if necessary), in a wheelchair or a lounge chair, will likewise support health and comfort at home. 

If you or someone you’re caring for, are restricted to bed rest or sitting in a chair, Gong Life Care Solutions has just what you’re looking for – the LASAL Embracer positioning pillow!

Embracer is placed with the narrowest piece behind the neck and shoulders, and the cushion arms surround the user around the shoulders and arms. It adjusts to the body shape. In the sitting or reclining position, the Embracer makes it possible for the user to fully relax in both arms relieving pressure on the back and neck. The pleasant feeling you get in this “embrace” enables the user to relax and feel safe. LASAL Embracer

A medical device

Ordinary bed pillows or sitting pillows can be difficult to place to support someone, and they can slip around and leave the user unsupported -  “listing to port or starboard”, flopping forwards or backwards, or sliding downwards - especially after a stroke, or with increased frailty.

With slipping and slouching comes the risk of a sore neck and back pain, and sometimes skin breakdowns from the shearing forces caused by sliding.

Our LASAL Embracer support pillow is classified as a medical device. It is certified by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and has European Conformity (CE). It is used as an assistive aid in rehabilitation, or to improve quality of life for people who need to sit for prolonged periods.

Gong Life Care Solutions are mobility equipment suppliers based in Wollongong, just south of Sydney. We are the sole distributors of the LASAL Embracer.

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