Hugs top the list!

LASAL Embracer | Hugs top the list!

Hugs top the list!

The New York Times posted on June 6th to say that of the many things we miss from our pre-pandemic lives, hugging may top the list. They mentioned innovative community hug inventions like “hug gloves” and “hug curtains”, and the huge need that we all have for human touch, and how it reduces stress, helps communication, and improves comfort.

Even in workplace situations, the handshake, work hug, or cheek kisses common in many cultures, have been abandoned to distancing. We can only hope that soon we can return to some of the nicer aspects of our personal and professional cultural norms!

The importance of comfort

Many people are restricted to the home due to reduced mobility, rather than pandemic concerns. Fortunately, home care services and family carers are still able to provide the care needed at home in this situation.

Gong Life Care Solutions supplies a Medical Chair Cushion called LASAL Embracer, which brings comfort and safety to those who spend a large part of the day sitting. It provides full support to the arms, reduces drag on the shoulders, neck and back, and leaves arms and hands free for activities.

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