Happy Anniversary Gong Life Care Solutions!

Gong Life Care Solutions 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Happy Anniversary Gong Life Care Solutions!

To all our customers, fellow suppliers, allied health professionals and our manufacturers - we would like to extend a huge thank you for your business, your collegiate support, your referrals, your insights, your positive feedback!  The wonderful comments and feedback you have all given us, inspire our team all the more!  We’re very excited to continue to share with you our wealth of knowledge and experience in the health, aged care and disability sectors – and to keep on learning from you and others!

About Gong Life Care Solutions

Gong Life Care Solutions is a family business, located in beautiful seaside Wollongong, just south of Sydney.  The business is proud to be Australian owned and operated. Gong Life Care Solutions is a registered NDIS supplier.

The philosophy of the business is grounded in a commitment to improving quality of life in communities through excellent service, and participation in social, community and charitable initiatives.  The team believes in personalised service, and the provision of high quality, safe equipment for elderly people and people who have disabilities.

Realisation of a vision

Quote by the business founder:

“From my undergraduate days, I had a vision to start a business. The aim was to support people in need in our society, using a portion of the profit generated from the business. Gong Life Care Solutions currently supports SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance for Refugee Families) and World Vision, in line with this personal vision. We hope to support more local and international charity organisations as the business grows”.

Up and Running

Development and execution of the business plan took a couple of years.

The first customer was a gentleman from Bentleigh East, Victoria, who was looking for an Indoor Rollator that was easy to use around the home. He came across the KMINA Indoor Rollator on Gong Life Care Solutions website and placed an order after consulting with his Occupational Therapist. When contacted by our team after delivery of the product, he was really happy with the rollator and with the whole customer service experience; and our team was over the moon! The business was truly up and running!

Selecting quality products

All of the products supplied by Gong Life Care Solutions could be considered “niche” - being unique, or distinctive in some way – in terms of quality, innovation, or design. The products were chosen because they meet very specific requirements of customers in the market. For example, the Strongback Mobility Wheelchair is the only one in Australia that provides lumbar support, incorporated into the primary/basic chair design. And the Aquabuddy-Home shower system (mobile shower trolley) is the only product in Australia that provides the opportunity for a person to be showered in bed (to avoid transferring someone who is frail, or in pain, to the bathroom). And so on.

We took more than 6 months to research around 950 international businesses, many in Europe, to find the exact type of innovative products that we wanted to offer in the Australian market.

We looked at evidence of quality, such as the European Commission report on the Aquabuddy shower-in-bed system, published in its research results magazine, in an article entitled ‘No More Bath-time Anxiety for At-home Bedridden Patients’.   The sub-heading stated:

‘A new miniaturised, portable shower system for use in bed is a ground-breaking solution to the problems of maintaining hygiene for independent living for those with restricted mobility’

The report authors called it ‘a new generation of home shower’

 We were very impressed by the winner (in its class) of the German Design Award in 2018 – the Strongback Mobility Wheelchair, an ergonomic, lightweight foldable wheelchair with lumbar support as described above.

Overall, Gong Life Care Solutions researched and selected only unique products which would meet specific needs for Australian customers’ comfort, safety and wellbeing, whilst meeting both European and Australian standards.


Our team at Gong Life Care Solutions are happy that in a short span of two years, we have attended two major independent living expos, have been able to reach customers across Australia, and have had very positive feedback from customers and allied health professionals alike who have been very excited about the products on offer to support older people and people with disabilities to remain as independent as possible in their home and in the community. Along with that, Gong Life Care Solutions are delighted to have been able to support SCARF and World Vision, organisations which are making a difference in the community and the world we live in.

What does the future hold?

The team is planning to consolidate these successes through on-going connections with customers and potential customers, and with people in the health, aged and disability sectors. We plan to continue to make new alliances in the assistive technology field, to ensure we remain up to date, and will conduct more research into possible new products.

The next stage of business development involves becoming a supplier to businesses across Australia, and to nursing homes and hospitals. This will necessitate increased capital expenditure, and to this end, Gong Life Care Solutions is looking for potential business partners-cum-investors, who might be interested in participating in this next phase. If you would like to join the business as an investor/working partner, please send us an email using the subject line ‘Let’s do it’ on info@gonglcs.com.au


Showcasing some recent customer comments


From the website page for the KMINA Indoor rollator:

“Bought for my 90 year old mother after she broke her leg. Very sturdy and stable, rolls smoothly on carpet, lino and tiles. Storage bag and tray very useful for hands free transport around the home of personal items and meals. Would recommend.”


From ATSA Independent Living Expo (Sydney):

(verbal feedback after demonstrations of the Aquabuddy-Home shower in bed system):

“how much better it would be to use this (Aquabuddy) and not have to move someone to a bathroom”

“fabulous how it can be used with any type of bed”

“a person would feel so much cleaner and nicer with this shower instead of just a bed-bath”

“wow, no mess! It’s so clever”

“very hygienic how it works with the two water tanks”



1. ‘No More Bath-time Anxiety for At-home Bedridden Patients’, July 2018, pdf version, Research *eu Results Magazine no. 74, p. 20. <https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/211492/brief/en>

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