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Crutches get a bad rap!

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Crutches get a bad rap!

Some people curse their crutches and say that they hurt their arms or hands or their armpits - and they find them awkward.

Natasha Williams of the Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library in Florida (USA), wrote a short article about the history of crutches, and started the piece by stating that - 

“It’s probably safe to say that one of the only things more frustrating than injuring your lower limbs in some way is having to use crutches after the fact as part of your recovery process. Often unwieldy and never described as comfortable…..”

But not ours!  The revolutionary KMINA crutches (sold exclusively in Australia by Gong Life Care Solutions), are a comfortable and pain free alternative to conventional crutches.

Going back in time for a moment…….

Crutches have been used by people for thousands of years, with evidence in drawings from Ancient Egypt. There is also ample evidence from the Middle Ages. Many illustrations and paintings created in the Middle Ages exist to this day, showing people using one or two crutches for support. The early designs were quite crude, and it wasn’t until 1917 that a crutch design was patented by Emile Schlick.  A little time later the first commercially produced crutches were developed. 

There are examples of fictional characters who have relied on crutches or a single stick of wood to get around (think Charles Dickens’ story  A Christmas Carol and the character of Tiny Tim, Long John Silver in Treasure Island, Jimmy in South Park and various movie characters over time.

How are KMINA Crutches different?

KMINA crutches are a new generation of crutches. 

KMINA crutches are comfortable, adjustable elbow crutch/platform crutches which are a modern pain-free alternative to conventional crutches. KMINA developed this new crutch concept in order to improve the mobility and quality of life of users. The KMINA crutch reduces pain in hands, wrists and shoulders thanks to its revolutionary design.

Our KMINA Crutches have a host of design features, including tilted forearm support that properly distributes the weight of the body.  The design includes a shock absorbing system, adjustable handle position, adjustable height, flexible and wide tips, and changeable and washable handle grips.

Have a look at the crutches in action in our video, you’ll be amazed! The video shows people of various ages with various conditions that have required them to use crutches to walk.  The ease of use, comfort and adjustability of the KMINA crutches are very obvious in the video. What’s not so obvious, is that these modern and innovative crutches reduce pain for users. Perfect crutches for elderly people, people with rehabilitation needs or a longer-term requirement for crutches.


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