Comfortable crutches – conserve your energy

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Comfortable crutches – conserve your energy

There are no short cuts when using crutches

Many people in Australia use crutches to walk for the short to medium term, for example after an injury, Most people using crutches for the shorter term are prescribed the underarm-style crutches. These mobility devices have been in use for thousands of years, with evidence even  in drawings from Ancient Egypt,  and are still in almost the same form as when they were invented.

Crutches are hugely beneficial for those with chronic issues like hip and knee arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. 

Crutches are also ideal for people who require long-term walking support. However for longer term, truly comfortable crutches which require the least  expenditure of energy, are a must.

Gong Life Care Solutions supplies the state-of-the-art adjusting elbow crutches which provide a level of safety and freedom to those with mobility challenges, that you simply can’t get with a cane, or old-fashioned crutches.

KMINA crutches are the next generation of crutches. They are a comfortable and pain-free alternative to conventional crutches, enabling people to walk using crutches much more safely, and much further too. This is because of the ease of use, comfort and adjustability of the KMINA crutches.  It is very obvious in our video on the website.

Our video shows people of various ages with various conditions that have required the use of crutches, such as following knee surgery, hip surgery, living with osteoarthritis, after an amputation, and mobility issues after a stroke. Just looking at the beautiful design of the crutches in the video, you can practically feel the comfort just by looking! The quality is visible.

What’s not so obvious, is that these modern and innovative crutches reduce pain for users.  The KMINA crutches reduce pain in hands, wrists and shoulders, thanks to their revolutionary design -  and speaking of design, the KMINA crutches have a host of comfort and safety features, which include: a shock absorbing system, adjustable forearm handle position, and adjustable height.  The flexible and wide crutch tips look like an extra pair of feet, providing increased balance and stability. The tilted forearm support properly distributes the weight of the body, and this reduces the demands on upper body strength, and hence the amount of energy required to walk.

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