Can we offer you a lift?

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Can we offer you a lift?

Making the journey to the bathroom worthwhile!

Having the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath is something everyone should be able to do. Yet at some point, strength and mobility concerns can create anxiety at the mere thought of it, even if it was once a favourite thing to do.

Maybe you are currently thinking twice about having a bath; perhaps you are having difficulty getting in or out of the bathtub?  At any age we worry about slipping and sliding in the bath, and it actually takes a bit of strength and some good technique to get out of the bath after a nice soak. Especially if you’re feeling relaxed, chilled out!

If you would like to look forward to a good soak again, and to enjoying a bath without fear of an accident, consider installing a home bath lift – Relaxa Bath Lift is perfect for the home situation.

What Is a Bath Lift? 

The cheaper solution to getting in and out of your bath tub!

Bath lifts are a cost-effective way to improve the accessibility of your bathroom, without remodelling it to create a walk-in shower (often doing away with the bath tub in the process).  Bath lifts are so easy to use. A modern discreet battery operated unit is attached to your wall and operated by a simple remote control which lowers you in and out of your bath.

Relaxa Bathlift is a user-friendly bath lift which is neat and simple in the home bathroom, but these qualities belie the innovation and the design features, which make it so safe and easy to use. 

At Gong Life Care Solutions we're very proud to be the only Australian supplier of the Relaxa Bathlift! You can view our video demonstration here:

How does it work?

The Relaxa Bathlift unit has a retractable seating belt which, when not in use, is contained within the mechanism housing attached to the wall beside the bath.  So there is no need for heavy lifting at each bath session.  It also means that another family member who doesn’t need the bath lift, can bathe as normal, without any equipment getting in the way.

These are the easy steps to having a nice soak:

  1. Fill the bath with water to the desired depth and temperature.
  2. Push the rechargeable battery into the slot (the battery holds 20 lifts per charge).
  3. Feed out the nice wide seating belt using the hand controller button.
  4. Attach the belt to the mounting bar placed along the outside floor edge of the bath, lock it in, and ensure there is the required tension in the belt.
  5. Sit on the belt (or help the person being assisted), with legs firstly on the floor, then carefully ease the legs over the edge of the bath into the water. The built-in grab rail can be used to help and to provide confidence.
  6. Next, with the press of a button, you or the person being assisted, will be lowered slowly and gently into the bath.
  7. Once the bath has been completed, just press the “up” button, and you or the person being assisted will be gently lifted up to the level of the edge of the bath. From there, the legs can be carefully eased over the edge until the feet are on the floor.

What are the safety features?

The seating belt is made of strong polypropylene, made to last.

The Relaxa Bathlift is battery operated - the unit is powered by a 24-volt DC rechargeable battery pack. No mains electricity supply is required to power the mechanism at all.

Relaxa Bathlift also has a water temperature probe and digital water temperature display which will tell you exactly how hot the bath is before you or the person you are assisting, gets in, so you can be sure to avoid scalding.

There is an integrated grab rail to assist with additional support, balance, and confidence.

The machine will not allow the belt to lower a user unless there is sufficient charge in the battery to come back up.

Other features

The battery is easy to slot in and remove for overnight recharging.

Indicator lights in green and red show when the battery is in operation and the battery condition. An audible alarm warns of a low battery.

The maximum user weight is 127 kg.

Relaxa Back Accessory:

Relaxa Back is a backrest for the Relaxa Bathlift, recommended for added comfort and for aiding entry and exit to the bath.

This additional aid can be fitted under the belt to help the person getting into the bath, and can then be attached to the head of the bath to act as a head and back rest while bathing. It will help to keep the user comfortable, making bathing an even more relaxing experience.

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