Bath not being used these days??

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Bath not being used these days??

Create a senior-friendly bathroom without major renovations

There are two good reasons to think about slightly modifying your bathroom. The first is to increase the confidence, safety and independence of your loved one, and the second is to make life easier and safer for you the caregiver.

Gong Life Care Solutions are mobility equipment and rehab suppliers. We’re an Australian-owned and operated business,  and we can help with safety and mobility at home and in nursing homes. 

Showering and bathing become difficult as time goes on for obvious reasons. Stepping into the bath becomes impossible, and stepping over a “curb” into the shower and standing for any length of time is difficult. There is also the possibility of burns due to reduced hand strength and dexterity in managing the taps. 

Gong Life Care Solutions is the sole distributor in Australia of Relaxa-Bathlift, which will change everything for elderly or frail people or people with disabilities who may have found that having “a real bath” has not been a possibility for a while.

The best bath lift to improve bathroom safety

A bath lift helps seniors and people with disabilities to have a bath without any difficulty as it helps the person get up and down with ease. It is a great way to improve bathroom safety.

Some of you may not be familiar with the idea of a bath lift, having never actually seen one. But a bath lift for the home situation is an easy one-off installation job for the tradesman,  and a quick and easy set-up each bath time. See the video on our website -

An electric (battery-operated) bath lift seat prevents the risk of getting injuries. They work efficiently by lowering the person into the bathtub, and afterward, it lifts them gently up from the base of the bathtub. The innovative Relaxa-Bathlift is perfect for the majority of bathtubs and uses a safe rechargeable battery as the power source.

If your bathroom is small or you don’t want to renovate to a new no-step, walk-in shower - or simply want the choice of bathing in addition to showering, then Relaxa-Bathlift is a user-friendly choice for those with limited mobility. It doesn’t look out of place in any bathroom, it’s small and compact, neat and simple.  These qualities belie the innovation and the design features, which make it so safe and easy to use. 

Once you or the person you care for has experienced this bath lift,  you (or they) will definitely feel more confident about bathing, and be happy to take a good, relaxing soak!

Relaxa-Bathlift also has a water temperature probe and digital water temperature display which will tell you exactly how hot the bath is before you or the person you are assisting, gets in, so you can be sure to avoid scalding.

Other safety features include an integrated grab rail to assist with additional support, balance, and confidence, and the lift will not allow the belt to lower a user unless there is sufficient charge in the battery to come back up.

Relaxa-Back Accessory

Relaxa-Back is a backrest for the Relaxa-Bathlift, recommended for added comfort and for aiding entry and exit to the bath.

This additional aid can be fitted under the belt to help the person getting into the bath, and then can be attached to the head of the bath to act as a head and back rest while bathing. It will help to keep the user comfortable, making bathing an even more relaxing experience.

Other tips for senior-friendly bathrooms

There are also a few relatively inexpensive changes you can make to the bathroom to make it more “senior friendly” – which also means it is safer for everyone, including children.  The following steps can be undertaken by a handy-man or woman, and are almost “common-sense” steps, when you come to think of it.

  1. We recommend a one-off consultation with an Occupational Therapist

Depending on eligibility, this can be arranged through your My Aged Care provider, NDIS provider, or other health care professional such as your GP. A consultation will provide an assessment for the person in need, and recommendations will be made regarding the most appropriate aids (see below) and their placement.

  1. Install lever taps in bath and /or shower

Having  lever taps eliminates the need for twisting hand movements that can be difficult for many people.

  1. Install a hand-held attachment for your shower-head.

A shower-head that can be detached and held in the hand eliminates the need to stand while showering.

  1. Install grab bars and rails

Installing grab bars and rails in the shower, bathtub and near the toilet is an easy and cost-effective way to make the bathroom safer for everyone.

  1. Raise the height of the toilet

Simply raising the toilet’s height as little as a few centimetres can make all the difference for seniors. You can simply raise the height of your existing toilet with a thick toilet seat. Some of these toilet-seat risers include stable arms at each side, too. Another option is to buy or hire an over-toilet frame, to wheel over the existing toilet. This type has height-adjustable legs. These days, higher toilets are appearing in bathroom catalogues, as the population of older people is increasing steadily.

  1. Non-slip bath/shower mats and bathroom rugs

An Occupational Therapist will be the best person to provide information on the tricky subject of mats, because most would present some level of risk. The use of non-slip tape or stickers in the bath and shower recess is a good option, provided they meet the Australian standards  for slip resistance.

  1. A bath-side stool or a thick kneeling pad

If you are assisting someone with bathing, a small stool or garden-style kneeling pad are very useful additions to the set-up!

How else can we help you?

Our safety and mobility equipment and rehab supplies are quality products. They are made/designed in Europe and are certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and by European Conformity (CE).

Gong Life Care Solutions also has another solution for easier and safer hygiene at home, especially if your doorways, hallways and bathrooms are quite small, and transporting someone from bed to bath is difficult. We also supply our pioneering home shower-in-bed system, called Aquabuddy-Home (perfect for full showering or “top and tail” washing). See how it works in this video on our website:

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