Back Care for Carers

Aquabuddy-Home - Shower in Bed at ATSA Sydney 2019

Back Care for Carers

The Gong Life Care Solutions team speaks to a lot of carers in the course of our work. We understand both the rewards and some of the hardships that life can produce for carers. 

The Australian Government’s Carer Recognition Act 2010 states that a carer is someone who provides care and support for a relative or friend who:

  • has a disability
  • has a mental health problem
  • has a medical problem (including an ongoing medical condition or an illness that’s expected to end in death)
  • is frail aged

Every caring situation is different. Some people are full-time carers, and are caring on their own; some share the caring with other family members or paid home care workers. Some people in need of care, really only need minimal or occasional assistance with tasks that they find difficult. Others need round the clock care.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics research figures show that there are more than 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia, which means about 1 in 8 people in Australia are carers. Chances are you, or someone you know, is a carer.

Caring, at the same time as being very rewarding, can have some negative impacts on the health of carers. Back injury is one of the common effects of caring.

Caring usually includes tasks that are physical. In an employment situation these physical tasks would be called “manual tasks” and are covered by Acts of law in the various states of Australia, and legal definitions. The need for a legal framework has arisen because of the number of injuries sustained by employees due to manual handling tasks - particularly backs. In the home these tasks include activities such as helping someone get out of bed, into a chair or wheelchair, or into a shower or bath.  It can be useful to seek advice from an Occupational Therapist with regard to strategies for safely carrying out the tasks involved in your caring situation.

A product designed for both user and carer

Some of the products that Gong Life Care Solutions supplies, have been designed specifically with both the user and carer in mind. One of these products is our Aquabuddy-Home shower in bed system. It was designed for assistants/carers to use in place of traditional assisted bathing methods. Aquabuddy-Home is adaptable to any bed, turning hygiene care into an easy, quick and safe process. It is beneficial for people whose mobility is severely restricted, or for those whose pain levels preclude a lot of moving and transferring - people who are unable to wash or shower themselves independently. You can see a demonstration video of the Aquabuddy-Home system in use, on our webpage:

It is a practical solution for washing or showering people whose mobility is limited, in a way that is safe for the receiver and also for the care-giver.  It is portable, lightweight, affordable, and eco-friendly for long term care in the home. 

Save the dates 

You will be able to see this product, and others that are designed to improve safety for users and carers, at the ATSA Independent Living Expo in Sydney in May this year!

ATSA stands for Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia, an association made up of large and small business suppliers of assistive and rehabilitation equipment.

Where: Sydney: 8th and 9th May 2019, at the Sydney Showground, Exhibition Halls 5 and 6 , 1 Showground Road Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

Gong Life Care Solutions will be there with several of our products. Find us at Stand number 342.  The Expo will have over 100 exhibitors displaying a wide range of products and services in assistive technology, mobility solutions, pressure care, employment support, accessible recreation/holiday ideas, modified motor vehicles and a lot more. 


The ATSA Independent Living Expos are free and open to visitors of all ages, including those with a disability, seniors and their families, friends and carers. A key feature of the Expo is the FREE Conference Program - located right next to the exhibition floor.

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