Assistive Technology

What is “assistive technology?”

Assistive technology (AT) is an umbrella term for any equipment that enables older people, or people with a range of disabilities, to safely increase their independence and their engagement and inclusiveness in whatever activities they choose to do – in society generally, at work, in education, leisure and community life.  AT provides practical solutions to everyday activities and situations.  It’s not always “hi-tech”, either. Many low-tech items or adaptations or modifications that assist people are small, non-digital, inexpensive – just the right tool for the job! Our products range from a simple concept such as our LASAL Embracer Pillow, for support and stabilization in a wheelchair, chair or bed, to our Relaxa Bathlift motorized device to assist people to get in and out of a bath in safety.  


To see these and other products that safely assist people with their mobility, independence, and comfort in the home or elsewhere – please check out our website . Free delivery anywhere in Australia.


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