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Bed-bath or shower in bed - now the choice is here!

Our new Aquabuddy-Home shower system was designed for assistants/carers to use in place of traditional assisted bathing methods. Aquabuddy-Home is adaptable to any bed, turning hygiene care into an easy, quick and safe process. It is beneficial for people whose mobility is severely restricted, or for those whose pain levels preclude a lot of moving and transferring - people who are unable to wash or shower themselves independently. You can see a demonstration video of the Aquabuddy-Home system in use, on our webpage: Aquabuddy-Home

The Aquabuddy received a lot of attention at the Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia (ATSA) Independent Living Expo in Melbourne, last July. Aquabuddy-Home is a practical solution for the problems of maintaining hygiene for people with restricted mobility, in a way that is safe for the receiver and also for the care-giver. It is portable, lightweight, affordable and eco-friendly for long term care in the home.

We had great feedback at the Expo from people in care-giving roles about the need to prevent physical injuries to themselves and the person they’re caring for due to lifting and transferring during everyday activities, such as showering.

Full shower or quick clean-up

Aquabuddy-Home is the only electronic showering device that allows people to experience a full shower, or to be washed in a specific area, such as the perineal area, or to have their hair shampooed, directly in the bed. Special equipment is included to suit these purposes and make it quick and easy to carry out the process and prevent any mishaps with bed linen and water!

A quality product

The European Commission reported on the Aquabuddy system in its research results magazine, in an article entitled ‘No More Bath-time Anxiety for At-home Bedridden Patients’. The sub-heading stated: “A new miniaturised, portable shower system for use in bed is a groundbreaking solution to the problems of maintaining hygiene for independent living for those with restricted mobility”. They called it “a new generation of home shower".

‘No More Bath-time Anxiety for At-home Bedridden Patients’, July 2018, pdf version, Research *eu Results Magazine no. 74, p. 20.

Our Aquabuddy system is classified as a medical device. It is made in Italy, and is certified by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and European Conformity (CE). Gong Life Care solutions is the sole Australian supplier for this system.

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