Anyone for Scrabble or Words with Friends?

Gong Life Care Solutions - STRONGBACK Mobility Wheelchair

Anyone for Scrabble or Words with Friends?

We’ve got a word for you!!


It’s worth 14 points in Scrabble, and 18 points in Words with Friends!

For sure someone will tell you it’s not a word, or ask you the meaning, so here’s your heads-up:


(ˌɜːɡəˈnɒmɪk)  adj.

  1. of or relating to ergonomics
  2. designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort and hence maximise efficiency

The concept is used widely in the work setting in the context of work health and safety, to describe the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them.

How good is ergonomics?

Maybe we’re being a bit silly but we’re excited about ergonomics, because in a few days our amazing Strongback24 Mobility Wheelchair, the only ergonomic frame-integrated posture support wheelchair in Australia, is going to receive the German Design Award in its class, for the second time! The results of this international design competition were announced on 22nd November last year, and the award ceremony will take place on 7th February, in Frankfurt.       

Gong Life Care Solutions is the Australian supplier of the Strongback Mobility Wheelchair. And we are thrilled that  our STRONGBACK24 model has done it AGAIN, winning a prestigious 2020 German Design Award in the Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care category. Every year the German Design Council presents its internationally renowned awards for innovative products and projects that are breaking new ground in the world of design.

The reasons why we love it

There are so many choices in manual transport chairs, and they all look much the same.

The reason we have brought the Strongback Wheelchair to the Australian market is because of its unique (patented) ergonomic design. The Strongback is the first standard off-the-shelf manual folding wheelchair to provide frame-integrated, effective posture support. We love the fact that its unique shape promotes healthy upright sitting and ensures comfort from the first moment.

We love that it is so easy to manage - it is very light, and easy to fold up.

We have two models, the Strongback24 self-propelling chair and the Strongback Excursion model. Both have the same innovative posture support design and other features, however the Strongback24 has the large 24inch wheels whilst the Excursion model has the smaller wheels of a transport chair.

The footrests can easily swing aside and lock for when you want to place your feet on the ground, and the backrest folds down flat to assist in folding, lifting, and storing the wheelchair  eg in the boot of your car. The curved armrests not only look good, but allow you to get up close to a table. 

Why is correct posture important?

It’s important to remember that defining “correct posture” is dependent on the wheelchair user in question. For instance, people with certain health conditions and spinal disabilities often cannot sit with a conventional “correct” posture, and so must try to maintain the correct posture for their particular abilities and condition.

In general terms though, whether you are someone who walks unaided, walks with a stick or other aid, or uses a wheelchair, maximizing correct posture walking and sitting can make a huge difference to your health and how you feel. Maintaining a better posture reduces strain on the neck and shoulders, with a flow-on positive effect on your spine, and indeed the whole body, including your breathing and even digestion. 

We reminded people in an earlier post that our head weighs as much as a bowling ball (4-5 kgs), so even a slight forward tilt (eg reading on our phone screens, texting) for regular or extended periods, can impose large forces on the vertebrae and muscles. 

With improved healthier sitting posture, your head’s weight will be better positioned over your spine, and your upper body weight better distributed across your “sit bones”. There will be less pressure on the coccyx, and a reduced potential for pressure sores. Improved posture will reduce the discomfort that many wheelchair users feel on a regular basis, and reduce back pain.

For independent wheelchair users, improving your posture within your abilities will boost your mobility and reduce the amount of energy needed to propel the wheelchair. This will also reduce injuries to muscles and tendons.

To assist in maintaining optimum alignment of the spine, the Strongback wheelchair is designed with a curved back built into the actual frame. In addition, the integrated backrest lumbar support has adjustable velcro flaps which allow the user to easily alter the location and firmness of their lumbar support.

Carers and attendants

The STRONGBACK has also been designed with carers and attendants in mind. The push handles are ergonomically designed, and are spaced wide apart to maximise control when pushing. The wheelchair folds up in a matter of seconds and requires minimal storage space. The backrest folds completely flat against the frame as do the footrests, which easily fold and lock to the side, no need to remove them. The Excursion attendant model weighs under 10kgs.

Independent users

Independent wheelchair users can also enjoy the benefits of an ultralight folding chair, with our STRONGBACK24 manual self-propel wheelchair, which has 61cm/24” quick-release wheels.  As we said earlier in this post, this model has just won the German Design Award in its category for 2020, having previously been a winner in 2018!  It weighs just 7.9kg with wheels and foot rests removed – for example for putting into a vehicle - however it has a user weight capacity of 135kg.  This means it suits a wide variety of users and can be easily lifted and placed in a car boot.

Buy online

Gong Life Care Solutions is an Australian family-owned and operated supplier of active mobility systems located in Wollongong, south of Sydney.  Our friendly team would be very happy to assist you with your enquiries. You can order our products directly online, or contact us for other options. 

We invite you to look at the models on our website:

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